Shasta Daisy – Leucanthemum x Superbum

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Description:  Shasta Daisy is a great perennial to fill in bare spots in your landscape. This low maintenance flowers provides a bright white color to your landscaping borders. 

Sunset Zones:  1-24, H1
USDA Zones: 5-8
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Soil pH: Slightly Acidic to Slightly Alkaline
Drought Tolerance: Moderately Drought Tolerant
Growth Rate: Medium
Type: Broadleaf Evergreen
Height: Up to 2′ tall
Width: Up to 2′ wide
Flower: White
Bloom: Summer through Fall
Special Care:
Pruning Advice: Pruning back after flowering has ended (September-ish) is good for healthy blooms the next year. 
Watering Advice: Making sure you have good draining soil is important to not over watering. 


Shasta Daisy