Society Garlic – Tulbaghia Violacea

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1 gallon – $5
5 gallon – $15
15 gallon – $50

Description:  Society Garlic is a low maintenance plant that can handle a fair amount of drought once established. It provides beautiful lavender flowers for a large portion of the year. The plant has a faint scent of garlic that is more prominent when crushed. The leaves can be used for culinary purposes. 

Sunset Zones:  13-24; H1, H2
USDA Zones: 7-10
Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Soil pH: Slightly Acidic to Slightly Alkaline
Drought Tolerance: Drought Tolerant
Growth Rate: Medium
Type: Broadleaf Evergreen
Height: Up to 4′ tall
Width: Up to 4′ wide
Spacing: 1′-2′ or more 
Flower: Lavender
Bloom: Heaviest blooms in Spring to Summer
Special Care:
Pruning Advice: This plant can benefit from the occasional dividing every few years. 
Watering Advice: