About Us

Accurate Information

The High Desert is a difficult place to garden due to many differing factors which leads to plenty of misinformation. Going to a nursery and getting 3 different answers to the same question from 4 people only creates more confusion. Our goal is to provide accurate information and to educate our customers to have a successful journey while landscaping and gardening in their yard. We guarantee satisfaction in your purchases and care about our customers just as much after they purchase our plants. 

Holistic Organic Approach

organic compost humus fungi bacteria protozoa

We have a thorough understanding of soil microbiology and know full well how unnecessary and harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides are. ueu to this understanding we do not sell any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides. Sustainable and organic practices are recommended before any chemicals when looking to solve problems with your plants and trees. To learn more about soil microbiology and how chemicals are not necessary refer to Dr. Elaine Ingham’s podcasts, youtube videos, and research.  Dr. Elaine Ingham is recognized around the world as a leader in soil microbiology.

Grow Bags vs Plastic Pots

Root pouch vs plastic pots

When able to, we grow trees in grow bags instead of plastic pots. These bags produce better root balls, less circling roots, and make for a higher success rate when transplanting. To read more about the studies done on tree bag growing click here.