Research Articles

     As we give advice to customers who ask for our expertise, we often are greeted with unbelief in the suggestions we give. As these suggestions are based off of evidence based results, we’ve decided to post links to those results and the practices they recommend. This page will continue to be updated with the most recent best practices when it comes to planting and caring for trees and shrubs. 

Amending Soil

“This outdated practice is still required in the specifications of architects, landscapers, and other groups associated with landscape installation. It is still recommended by garden centers and gardening articles. And there is a multi-million dollar soil amendment industry that has little interest in debunking this myth. As responsible green industry professionals, we need to recognize and avoid non-sustainable management practices.”  – Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D. “The Myth of Soil Amendments”    Link:

“Fill the hole with the original native soil – this is the soil the tree must ultimately move its roots into to survive. Large rocks can be removed when backfilling. Up to 25% by volume of composted organic matter can be mixe