My goal here is to put a list of amazing resources I’ve found through years of searching the internet for information in my journey to practice bonsai at a higher level. I’ve separated it into a few different categories. This will regularly be under construction. If you’re looking for beginner tips and information continue to scroll. If you are looking for advanced information click here.

Beginner Resources

The first thing I would recommend to any beginner in bonsai is to read, watch and learn. You can avoid a large amount of mistakes and wasted money if you spend a little time doing research and learning about bonsai. That being said, here are some links to common websites where you can learn and read more: 

Advanced Resources

List of Bonsai Mirai Podcasts That I Found Necessary To Highlight

Yamadori Specific Information

These are different podcasts even though they have the same name. Great listen hearing Randy’s experiences as a collector for the last 20 years.