Barberry – Berberis

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1 gallon – $5
5 gallon – $15
15 gallon – $60

Description:  Barberries bring a vibrant deep red to your landscape. Few shrubs have the coloring of this wonderful shrub. As a small slow growing shrub, it doesn’t overwhelm your landscape or require much maintenance. 

Sunset Zones:  4-8
USDA Zones: 4-24, 28-32
Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Soil pH: Acidic to Slightly Alkaline
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Growth Rate: Slow to Medium
Type: Deciduous
Height: Up to 4′ tall
Width: Up to 4′ wide
Spacing: 1-3′ 
Special Care:
Pruning Advice: Regular pruning helps the plant to fill out faster when young. 
Watering Advice:


Barberry – Berberis