Dwarf Japanese Juniper – Juniperus Procumbens ‘Nana’

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15 gallon – $70

Description:  Dwarf Japanese Junipers, also known as Procumbens Nana, are the most recognized species for bonsai. Having small foliage, dense growth habit, and being tough as nails makes for a perfect candidate for a bonsai tree. This shrub also does will in our climate as a ground covering shrub. Once established, it is extremely drought tolerant and hardy. 

Sunset Zones:  1-24
USDA Zones: 4-9
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Soil pH: Highly Acidic to Highly Alkaline
Drought Tolerance: Very Drought Tolerant
Growth Rate: Medium
Type: Evergreen
Height: Up to 1′ tall
Width: Up to 5-6′ wide
Spacing: 3′ or more 
Special Care:
Pruning Advice: This plant requires little to no pruning unless it is growing into undesirable locations like walkways. 
Watering Advice: