Pittosporum – Pittosporum Tobira

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Common Varieties:  Pittosporum Tobira ‘Wheeler’s Dwarf’, Pittosporum Tobira ‘Variegatum’.   Both have smaller total heights and width.     

Pittosporum have a beautiful foliage form that many enjoy. The dark green leaves give a soft appearance in a low growing shrub form that fits wonderfully in the landscape. These shrubs are tough and fill in nicely as time goes on. Foliage looks clean year-round and doesn’t deform easily. Keep a look out for sooty mold to handle it early and you should have little to no problems with this shrub!

Sunset Zones:  8-24; H1, H2
USDA Zones: 8-11
Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Soil pH: Slightly Acidic to Slightly Alkaline
Drought Tolerance: Moderately Drought Tolerant
Growth Rate: Medium
Type: Broadleaf Evergreen
Height: Up to 12′ tall depending on variety
Width: Up to 12′ wide depending on variety
Spacing: 2′ or more 
Flower: White
Bloom: Early Spring
Special Care:
Pruning Advice: Heading back branches is preferred to shearing. Shearing doesn’t look great due to the pattern of leaf growth. 
Watering Advice: