Repotting California Juniper #1

It became apparent that this tree needed a new home after surviving the emergency repot. Needles had hardened off, I started seeing brand new juvenile foliage come out, and it had been over 6 months since it had been rehomed. After combing through a bit of the sawdust I just decided I needed to see the root growth on the bottom.

california juniper sawdust bed recovery bonsai

As you can see some of the roots grew through the weed barrier cloth that I put down. Good news.

california juniper sawdust bed roots growing through weed barrier

While great for recovery, it isn’t as easy to manage a giant heap of wet sawdust, so I just drug it out on the weed barrier cloth and started right next to my bench.

california juniper bonsai yamadori collected recovery sawdust bed

Once I got this up on the bench I got a good look at the bottom side of the root ball.

cal juniper yamadori roots

I did my best at not completely bare rooting the California Juniper, as they don’t like it much, but also removing as much of the sawdust as possible.

california juniper roots after emergency repot

My hands were messy from there on out so I got this last photo. I was pleased with the results of the sawdust bed and how well it can help recovering trees to stabilize their conditions.