Trees of the High Desert – Eldarica Pine

Mature Eldarica Pine Tree
Eldarica Pine

Eldarica Pine trees are one of the most frequently planted trees in the high desert. They thrive in dry climates and handle drought and heat extremely well. The minimal care needed for this tree to survive makes it a favorite for high desert dwellers.

Why Plant An Eldarica Pine?

  • Evergreen foliage
  • Strong branches
  • Great windbreak
  • Tolerant of heat, wind, poor soil, and drought
  • Great shade once it matures

Complaints About The Eldarica Pine?

  • Susceptible to aphids that drop sap for a few months every year
  • Constant shedding of needles
  • Slower growth

Misinformation About Eldarica Pines

Mature Eldarica Pines can be damaged if they are watered too frequently. People think “Let me water this tree to make it look better or keep it healthy”, but regular water can cause root rot, phytophthora, and increase susceptibility to root decay pathogens.

Right Tree, Right Place

Eldarica Pine trees can grow up to 40′ and the canopy can spread up to 30′ wide. This tree should not be planted:

  • Underneath power lines
  • Where potential sap from aphids will damage something or create problems
  • Within 15-20′ from another Eldarica Pine


Eldarica Pines are non toxic to humans, dogs, cats, and horses.