European White Birch – Betula Pendula

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5 gallon – $20
15 gallon – $50
24″ box – $150

Details and Care Information:

Sunset Zones:  1-12 and 14-24
USDA Hardiness Zones:  2-7
Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade
Soil: Highly Acidic to Highly Alkaline
Drought Tolerance: Extremely Intolerant of Drought
Growth Rate:  36” per year
Growth Habit: Erect, Weeping or Spreading with a High Canopy
Height:  40-50ft.
Width: 15-25ft.
Evergreen or Deciduous: Deciduous
Longevity: 40 to 150 years (Though some say 15 – 25 years in the desert due to lack of irrigation and higher heat)
Litter Issue: Little Dry Seed Pods
Pests and Diseases: Resistant to Verticillium. Susceptible to Aphids and Beetle Borers, Armillaria, Phytophthora, Root Rot and Sooty Mold.
Branch Strength: Medium
Root Damage Potential: Moderate
Suckering Potential:  Moderate
Special Care:  
Pruning Advice:
Watering Advice: Regular water makes these trees live much longer in the High Desert. Planting them in a lawn or giving them water frequently is required.
Staking: Staking for the first few years will help to stabilize the tree during the establishment process.

European White Birch