Palo Verde – Parkinsonia Sp.

Palo Verde trees are desert natives and can thrive with little water. Once large, they can be great shade trees with little additional water. 

To learn more about their function as a shade tree you can read this article comparing the best shade trees for the desert.

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5 gallon – $35
15 gallon – $100
24″ box – $250+ 

Common Varieties and Their Differences:

Palo Verde ‘Desert Museum’ – Few spines, rapid growth, upright growth habit, and pest and disease resistance make this the most desirable and most expensive variety.
Mexican Palo Verde (Jerusalem Thorn) – Tall growth habit and has thorns and more litter from seed pods than other varieties. This is the fastest growing variety. 
Foothill Palo Verde (Little Leaf) – This variety is much shrubbier, and slower growing. Reaching only 20′ tall, these branches also end with a thorn.
Blue Palo Verde – Blue Palo Verde have an upright growth habit that spreads, making it a great shade tree. 
Sonoran Palo Verde – This variety of Palo Verde has a smooth blue-green bark and less low branches than other varieties. It also grows the tallest by reaching heights up to 35′. 

Details and Care Information:

Sunset Zones: 8-24
USDA Hardiness Zones: 8-11
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
pH Range: Neutral to Highly Alkaline
Soil: Moist to Dry Soil
Drought Tolerance: Very Drought Tolerant
Growth Rate: 24” to 36″ per year
Growth Habit: Spreading or Weeping with a Low Canopy
Height: 20-35 ft.
Width: 20-30 ft.
Evergreen or Deciduous: Deciduous
Longevity: 50 to 150 years
Litter Issue: Long brown capsules
Pests and Diseases: Resistant to Texas Root Rot. Susceptible to Invasive Shot Hole Borer
Branch Strength: Medium
Root Damage Potential: Low
Suckering Potential: Moderate
Special Care:
Pruning Advice: Occasional pruning back to a lateral branch on long branches can help them avoid being windthrown once they become mature. 
Watering Advice: These trees can become completely drought tolerant after 2 -4 years. For more, visit How to Water Your Plants
Microclimate:  No specific microclimate needed.